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All about us!

West Coast Swing Singapore is an organisation born from the love of music and dance! When we first experienced the joy of what West Coast Swing could bring to our lives, we fall in love with it and until now, have never given it up. As such, we have made it our mission to share this joy with the rest of the world!

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is the super fun street partner dance that EVERYONE needs to try! It can be danced to just about ANY music, including your favourite top 40s hits!

Why Dance West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing can be danced anywhere, with anyone, to any music! What's better than being able to grab a friend (or even a stranger), and just grooving to any song on the radio? If you love music, you will love West Coast Swing!

Join the fun and learn something new!

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What We Do

Awesome Events

At West Coast Swing, fun is everything! From festival gatherings, to movie outings and even overseas trips! You name it, we have it; and if we don't tell us and we will see if we can do it for you!

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Custom Classes

Want to try out West Coast Swing? Or perhaps you have something in particular that you wish to work on? Contact us to arrange for customized workshops or private classes!

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Retail Shop

It's awesome to shop for new stuff! From shoes, to shoe bags, to our very own tried and tested dance apparel, we hope that our products will bring you as much joy using them as us making them!

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    Shout Outs

    Wanna do a shout out for West Coast Swing Singapore? Send us your message with #shoutout as the first line of your and we will put it up on the site! Also, if you would like to join the West Coast Swing organizing committee, send us a message with #joinwcssg as the first line of your message telling us why you want to join us!

    Eugene Wong

    My entry to West Coast Swing was actually a mistake, but I will tell you now that it's the best mistake I have ever made! Thank you West Coast Swing Singapore!

    Sharyl Thung

    To the hip-est dancers around, keeping loving the dance, keep loving the music, keep loving the company!

    Hwong Yie Hahn

    West Coast Swing Singapore are such awesome hosts whenever us Malaysian go over! Can't wait to fly down and dance with everyone again!

    Maiko Ando

    West Coast Swing is the best! It helps me to free my mind and body! Thanks West Coast Swing Singapore! :D